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About PerfectCloud Corp.

Everyone has a right to security and privacy of Identity and Data. PerfectCloud was founded with a mission to allow all organization, large or small, to take charge of their security and privacy of their data. Usually applications are developed then security essentials are added, which we think is workaround for security. Due to this a lot of the vulnerabilities these days are exposed. For us our products were designed and built around Security and privacy from the very start.
Our joint venture with Ganita labs for cryptography at university of Toronto was primarily was to create an innovative and simple way to strengthen security and privacy for all. We are the only company that does not store any keys for encryption or decryption. In other words, we do not have access to your data and nor does anyone else – only you have sole access to your data.
Year Founded
Started with: 1-10
Now: 11-50
Mayukh Gon
Dr. Vijay Kumar Murty
Sabiha Goriawala
PerfectCloud is the only complete cloud data security platform, providing fully integrated endpoint protection with Identity & Access Management.
We provide Single Sign-on and Identity & Access Management (SmartSignin by PefectCloud) and Cloud data encryption (SmartCryptor).
PerfectCloud is the only complete cloud data security platform, providing fully integrated endpoint protection and identity management. While most organizations – even some security companies – are still reliant on public-key infrastructures (PKI) and old methods of shared encryption, PerfectCloud utilizes a PKI-free, patented Smart-Key Algorithm, which not only enhances security but also provides complete privacy to customers.

As cloud storage, user mobility, and virtualization become more prevalent in business, the risk of security breaches has risen sharply. PerfectCloud has developed Cloud Security products that enable our clients to protect their data, while increasing business agility and reducing costs.

Value Proposition
Unique Security Algorithm, True Privacy and Security, End-to-End Cloud Security, Strong Key management and Encryption, No Pre-integration required, Device and Cloud Agnostic.
Target Customers
SMBs and Enterprises

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Contact Person:Sabiha Goriawala
Head Office:Canada