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About TripGems

We are travellers who helped a lot of our friends to help them discover great places around the world.
This got us thinking, why don’t we connect the world to help each other finding the best gems out there?
Yes, there’s loads of information available, but it’s scattered everywhere and it’s anonymous. Our mission is simple: make the hidden travel gems in the world more accessible, with a little help of our friends. And friends are quickly made on the road.
Year Founded
Started with: 1-10
Now: 1-10
Maarten Munster
Remon van Hooijdonk
Dennis Otten
Lex van Bever
At TripGems you can Find Things To Do, whether is a recommendation from a friend, a gem from another traveller or great deal from a local business owner. Build your own travel profile today, share your own gems and find out how much percent of the world you have seen!
Value Proposition
We are the only travel network that is focusing solely on discovering hidden gems and having this information ready in bite sized pieces!
Target Customers
Travellers who are used to having their smart device on them and use it whilst traveling.

Contact Details

Contact Person:Maarten Munster
Head Office:Netherlands