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All vital business KPIs within a single service

About e-Commerce Dashboard

e-Commerce Dashboard is a business intelligence tool, encompassing all of the essential key performance indicators, delivered in an interactive and flexible format. It aims to accelerate and improve the decision making process as well as help companies identify market trends and spot problems that need to be addressed before they come up.
Year Founded
Started with: 1-10
Now: 1-10
Ruslan Savchyshyn
e-Commerce Dashboard introduces a fully customizable design surface, helping to sense and analyze the information faster. Its optimized visualisation kit allows to create professional business-oriented data representations with record speed, making the time-consuming aspects of dashboard design a thing of the past. Moreover, it allows to collect and represent data from multiple disparate sources, such as: CRM, web analytics, social media, marketing and SEO platforms, CSV, Google Docs, etc.
Value Proposition
e-Commerce Dashboard offers:

  • A set of specially developed eCommerce widgets;
  • Quick and easy integration with 25+ e-commerce platforms;
  • Real time data with 24/7 access from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone in any spot on Earth;
  • Professional support and free setup assistance.
Target Customers
Our target audience is web store owners, executives, marketers, sales managers, etc.