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Like a CRM… only better

About Contactually, Inc.

For millions of professionals, relationships are the backbone of a viable business. Whether it’s current clients, future prospects, or potential investors, Contactually’s mission is to help you build stronger relationships with the people that matter most to your current profession and/or career.
Year Founded
Started with: 1-10
Now: 11-50
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Tony Cappaert
Jeff Carbonella
Contactually is a contact and relationship manager that helps you stay in touch with the right people at the right time. It gives you many of the benefits of a traditional CRM system (contact organization, conversation history, and even sales tracking & automation) without the high cost, learning curve, or complexity.

Your everyday network is more valuable than you probably realize. Using Contactually is a fun, easy way to get the most from it without having to change the way you work.

Value Proposition
Contactually is much more than a list of customers and email addresses — it’s a complete system that allows you to connect the people you know to the goals of your business. Contactually helps you group and sort your relationships the right way, and then motivates you to stay connected to the ones that matter the most. It can even help you figure out what to say!

People love Contactually because it helps them consistently build better relationships, even when they’re managing a huge network of contacts. Contactually automatically aggregates accounts from different sources (email, calendars, social networks, databases, etc.) so you don’t have to constantly check multiple channels. As your network grows, Contactually’s built in automation and template tools help you grow with it, so you can enjoy the benefits of new connections without getting overwhelmed.

Contactually keeps busy professionals from drowning in a sea of follow-ups and missed connections by keeping your focus on the real-life, human relationships that affect your business. You’ll spend less time figuring out who you need to talk to, or what you need to discuss, and more time connecting with actual human beings in a way that makes a real difference.

Business is about relationships, and Contactually helps you build better ones.

Target Customers
Our target customers include all professionals in a service- or relationship-based business who rely on strong relationships with the people in their network in order to generate referrals and repeat business.

Contact Details

Contact Person:Brian Pesin
Head Office:United States