All vital business KPIs within a single service

About e-Commerce Dashboard Vision e-Commerce Dashboard is a business intelligence tool, encompassing all of the essential key performance indicators, delivered in an interactive and flexible format. It aims to accelerate and improve the decision making process as well as help companies identify market trends and spot problems that need to be addressed before they come up. Year Founded 2015 Employees Started with: 1-10 Now: 1-10 Founders Ruslan Savchyshyn Product(s)/Service(s) e-Commerce… Read More »

Making your presentations look awesome

About SlideTeam PowerPoint Designs Vision Bringing about a revolutionary new approach to PowerPoint Presentations Year Founded 2014 Employees Started with: 1-10 Now: 1-10 Founders Ajay Mohan Product(s)/Service(s) is an exciting new startup that is changing the way people create PowerPoint presentations. The team at use a proprietary algorithm that scans through hundreds of thousands of business, strategy, science, marketing and medical presentations and analyses how using appropriate visual… Read More »

Like a CRM… only better

About Contactually, Inc. Vision For millions of professionals, relationships are the backbone of a viable business. Whether it’s current clients, future prospects, or potential investors, Contactually’s mission is to help you build stronger relationships with the people that matter most to your current profession and/or career. Year Founded 2011 Employees Started with: 1-10 Now: 11-50 Founders Zvi Band Tony Cappaert Jeff Carbonella Product(s)/Service(s) Contactually is a contact and relationship manager… Read More »

A 40 Page Investor Grade Business Plan in Just 4 Hours

About Business Planning HQ Vision To transform the way that complex content is created through using embedded logic as a means for strategy development Year Founded 2010 Employees Started with: 1-10 Now: 1-10 Founders Marcus Tarrant Product(s)/Service(s) We create Investor Quality Business Plans (40 Page Documents, Pitch Packs and Investor Overview Documents) in just 4 hours Value Proposition We enable average users to create a superior outcome to what is… Read More »

PerfectCloud Proves You Can “Trust” the Cloud with One-Stop Security Solution

About PerfectCloud Corp. Vision Everyone has a right to security and privacy of Identity and Data. PerfectCloud was founded with a mission to allow all organization, large or small, to take charge of their security and privacy of their data. Usually applications are developed then security essentials are added, which we think is workaround for security. Due to this a lot of the vulnerabilities these days are exposed. For us… Read More »

Automated CMS Migration Service CMS2CMS

About CMS2CMS Vision CMS2CMS is the innovative online website migration service designed to ease the process of moving website content to a new CMS or forum platform. Our aim is to help users to move content from the existing CMS to a new one easily, fast and in a flawless manner. Year Founded 2012 Employees Started with: 1-10 Now: 1-10 Founders Ruslan Savchyshyn – Director & Founder Oleg Cherevatyy –… Read More »

TripGems: Find Things To Do – hidden gems & deals!

About TripGems Vision We are travellers who helped a lot of our friends to help them discover great places around the world. This got us thinking, why don’t we connect the world to help each other finding the best gems out there? Yes, there’s loads of information available, but it’s scattered everywhere and it’s anonymous. Our mission is simple: make the hidden travel gems in the world more accessible, with… Read More »

We have launched

Friday, 28 March 2014 Nebtrex is pleased to announce the launch of The Startup Universe. The Startup Universe is an on-line platform developed for startup entrepreneurs to freely list their company and tell the world about their business. “We have been through the startup stages ourselves and we know from experience the challenges of having the opportunity to tell a wider audience what you do. This service is our way… Read More »

We are launching soon!

Our Big, Exciting Plans for 2014 – The Startup Universe ! The first thing we have planned for 2014 is to launch this unique on-line portal to help start-up companies to freely promote their business and reach a wider audience. We know the large number of challenges a start-up business will go through in the initial days – we have been there, and seen many of these challenges ourselves! We felt… Read More »